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Pixie Crunch U-Pick at Morse Road is now sold out! Orchard is closed until Friday. NEXT U-PICK APPLE is PIXIE CRUNCH – Friday, Sept. 25 (10 a.m.) at Blue Frog Farm while they last. Blue Frog Farm (5679 Sportsman Club Rd., Johnstown) is open Friday-Sunday (10-7) with U-pick pumpkins, $7 ea. Jurassic maze is open this weekend. See ‘corn maze’ page for all the details. Market open daily 10-7 p.m.


Information on the 2020 season 

The Mothers Day freeze we experienced cost us some of the 2020 crop.  many Honecrisp and most FUJi at the Morse Rd. farm were froze as were all the Evercrisp  on both farms.  Depending on the variety of apple, there will be several Tuesdays that we will open U-pick.  Crowds have been unprecedented and even weekday u-pick events have been very busy.                               (CLICK apple picking schedule below) There will be some weekends when picking is available at either Blue Frog or Morse Rd.  NOT all weekends will have u-pick.  Watch the scrolling ticker for up to date information and check the estimated picking schedule frequently as well.  


9090 Morse Rd SW, Pataskala, OH 43062 is our mailing address, but please note the following!  The intersection of Morse Rd. and S.R. 310 is the area where customers should look for signage indicating where the apple picking for the day is taking place.  Some days we are picking at the main farm (Morse Rd., Pataskala) east of S.R. 310 on Morse Rd. and other days we’ll be west of S.R. 310 on Morse Rd.  Other days we will be picking only at our blue frog farm, Johnstown.  We highly suggest you sign up for the (seasonally weekly) Cider Press Newsletter in order to get current, specific locations of u-pick schedule.The orchard is open on specific dates in September and October from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., weather permitting. The dates on schedule represent an estimated date.

 Photographers are permitted into the orchard DURING PUBLIC U-PICK HOURS ONLY and in the U-Pick orchards WHILE OPEN.   All vehicles entering the U-Pick must buy a minimum of 1 small bag of apples.  PLEASE let your clients know to schedule clients early enough that photo shoots wrap up at 6:45.  Photographers are responsible for communicating the minimum purchase requirements to their clients (see below).  

Please note the following dates are our best estimate. For the most recent updates call our u-pick hotline, (740)927-1333 (recorded message).   



  • HONEYCRSP  –  $25 Small bag (holds up to 10 lb.), $35 Large bag (holds up to 20 lb.)
  • ALL OTHER APPLE VARIETIES— $20 Small bag (holds up to 10 lb.), $30 Large bag (holds up to 20 lb.)


Apple Varieties

*Length of storage time is based on a refrigerated temperature of 38 degrees.


Sweet, Crisp Average for Pies poor for sauce
Pick early Sept,
Refrigerate to mid Dec good to mid Nov


Sweet Tart, Tender
Excellent Sauce, Fair Baking
Pick early-mid Sept
Refrigerate to mid Nov



Sweet Tart, Crisp
Excellent All Purpose
Pick mid Sept, refrigerate thru Nov

Golden Supreme

Sweet Tart, Crisp
Cooks and tastes similar to Golden Delicious
Pick early-mid Sept.
Refrigerate till Nov


SweetTart, Firm, Crisp, Very Large Very good for cooking
Pick late Sept/early Oct
Refrigerate to April State Apple developed at OSU


Sweet, Firm eating apple—a favorite!
Excellent for salad, good for pie
Pick mid-late October Refrigerate to May


Sweet, Crisp, Good cooking
Pick early Sept refrigerate about a month
#1 Selling apple

Golden Delicious

Sweet, Crisp, Very Good cooking, chunky sauce
Pick mid Sept
Refrigerate to Jan
“makes great no sugar added sauce”-Andy Lynd

Red Delicious

Sweet, Crisp Poor for baking, good for Salads
pick late September
Refrigerate thru Dec

Sweet Sixteen

Juicy, crisp, Sweet  w/acidic tang slight anise flavor
Excellent all purpose  (cooks with slight vanilla taste)
Picks early/mid September Keep refrigerated 4-6 weeks


More sweet than tart
Excellent for sauce Non-browning, pick mid Sept.
Refrigerate to Nov


Tart, Excellent cooking Highest Acid level, yet high in sugars
Pick late Oct
Refrigerate through May
“when picked, makes a Granny Smith pucker” Mitch Lynd


Sweet Tart, Juicy, Tender, Cooks up soft, great for sauce Pick mid Sept, refrigerate to Nov stays white after cutting


  Tart, Crisp, High Acid level Excellent Cooking, chunky sauce Pick mid Sept, Refrigerate to Nov “favorite for pies” – Penny Lynd

Pixie Crunch

Popular Sweet, Crisp, Small eating apple Pick mid Sept, Refrigerate to November A customer favorite!


  More tart than sweet, Crisp Excellent apple for cooking! Pick early/mid Oct, Refrigerate to March “One of my favorite” -Mitch Lynd


More sweet than tart, crisp, large apple Good cooking apple, great for dumplings Pick mid October Refrigerate to mid Jan

Crimson Crisp

Info coming soon!

Evercrisp (2019, possibly 2018)

        Sweet like Fuji, Crisp like Honeycrisp, Keeps like Goldrush Picks mid-late October Keep refrigerated to May

These apples are not available for Pick Your Own.
They are available in the Market.


Sweet Tart, Crisp All purpose
Pick mid-late Oct
Refrigerate thru Jan
Honeycrisp lovers generally like this one!

Adams Pearmain

Tart , Crisp, ‘Woodsy’ flavor Cooks similarly to a Jonathan
Available mid-late September
Deb’s favorite for applesauce

COMING SOON, Not yet available  (*MAIA – Midwest Apple Improvement Assn.)


Tart, Excellent Cooking, High acid level, similar to Goldrush
Pick late September
Refrigerate to Feb.

*Baker's Delight

Tart, Superb Cooking, Complex flavor, Slow to brown when cut, similar to Goldrush  Pick early/mid September
Refrigerate to early Nov.

info coming soon!
Info coming soon!

Non-MAIA Developed Apples

info coming soon!
Premier Honeycrisp
Info coming soon!

Berries, apples, pumpkins

2020 Pick Your Own Blackberries, Red & Black Raspberries – (cancelled 2020 season)








Fall 2020 – NEW!  Pumpkins! (specific days in September – see apple schedule) 




  Red Raspberries –  Mid June – early July

Black Raspberries – early/mid July 




Blackberries-late July-early August (call hotline for next picking) 


Apples – Sept. and Oct. (only specific dates as shown on estimated picking schedule) – check scrolling ticker daily. 








 Lynd’s Blue Frog Farm 5499 Sportsmanclub Rd., Johsntown, OH 







Sign up for The Cider Press newsletter or follow us on Facebook for details and the latest picking information as picking times and days vary depending on availability & weather conditions. 




 Call Blue Frog Hotline mid June – early August  








Pumpkins – U-Pick 2020 Blue Frog & Morse Rd. Farm 

2020 is shaping up to be a great year for Lynd Fruit Farm Pumpkin patches!  We will open with our NEWEST patch at the Blue Frog Farm in Johnstown in September.  The patch will be open on days apples are being picked and on weekends from early September thru Sept. 27.        The Morse Rd. U-Pick pumpkin patches will open Sept. 29 when Golden Delicious U-pick begins.  They will be open Friday-Sunday until sold out as well as weekdays when offering U-Pick apples too.  In past years, the fields have sold out by mid October, but this year the patches are so full of pumpkins and such outstanding quality, we hope to go longer.  Naturally, it all depends on the crowds and in a covid year – nothing is ‘normal’.  The ticker on homepage will have the latest information.   The market generally has a good supply up to Halloween week.  Feel free to call the market before making the trip to be sure we are not sold out for the given day.  740-927-8559


This page is dedicated in loving memory of Patty Lewis

R.I.P. Patty Lewis. You will be missed.