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Come and discover the ultimate fall adventure ~


CORN maze!

Join us every Friday – Saturday – Sunday, September 8 through October 29.

Wristbands can be purchased on-site or in advance via our online ticketing portal below.

Campfires must be reserved ahead of time – push the red button!

Loads of information for you on this page! If you cannot find the answer to your question,

call 740-404-9967 Tuesday-Thurs, or text your question Fri-Sun.

OUR LOCATION:  9851 Morse Road SW, Pataskala, Ohio, just a half mile west of Lynd Farm Market. Look for the 2-story tower! If you simply put “LYND FRUIT FARM” into your GPS, it will NOT take you to our driveway, so please use the address above.

DATES OF OPERATION: The Maze is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from September 8 through October 29. Private reservations for groups of 40 or more are available on some on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

HOURS: Open every Friday and Saturday, 10am-10pm, and Sunday 10:00-7. (Last ticket sold one hour before close.)

Dogs: Well-behaved dogs are welcome at the Corn Maze, Campfire Area and Maze Courtyard. 


Corn maze Ticket Prices


Maze Entry . . .. . . . . . . $12 for all ages (*). This includes The LYNDIANA JONES Maze – an 8-acre treasure hunt with challenges along the way. The CREEPY CRITTERS Mini Maze is just right for young ones and includes replica scorpions, monkeys and snakes to discover. Age appropriate Bounce Houses are open until 6, and outstanding games and activities for all ages can be found throughout the courtyard. Kids 80 pounds and under (except babies) get a Barrel Train Ticket. (*Under 18 months is free free with guardian in the Mini Maze, Playground, Wagon. Seniors, Military, First Responders …………………..$10 with ID.)

Wagon ride . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3 – Ride through the beautiful orchard and pick an apple. Ages 3 and under free. Last ride leaves at 5:30.


Groups and Parties



What better way to spend your birthday than having fun outdoors with your favorite friends? Kids of all ages enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors. Your little ones will enjoy our barrel train, while tweens and teens like to conquer the corn maze as the sun goes down. Photo-ops, walking on stilts, running up the big hill, and eating kettle corn and s’mores are kid-pleasers too. 

All accompanying adults need a maze wristband. Look for the Group Rate under ticket prices on the Ticket Portal. Important to note: You may not know how many people will show up – in this instance, rent your campfire and s’more kit (if desired) online (reservation is required for this). For wristbands, email Amy (cornmaze1@live.com) who will set up a sealed bag of wristbands for you to get from the ticket shack upon arrival. Here’s an example of how it works – you estimate the maximum number of people in attendance is 25 people, you get a ziplock bag of 25 wristbands. Twenty people actually come, and at the end of the party, you come to the ticket shack with unused wristbands, and you are only charged for the ones you used. This is an Honor System that keeps things simple for everyone.

For a Corn Maze Birthday Party for young kids, consider purchasing the following:

  • 1 wristband for each child and adult: Mini-Maze (until 10pm), Barrel Train (until 6pm), Bouncing (until 6pm), Fun Zone Farm Playground (until 10) and Courtyard Games (until 10)
  • A 2-hour private camp fire (apple crate seating; bring camping chairs if preferred); s’more kits for pre-purchase
  • Wagon ride tickets optional (last wagon goes out at 5:30pm)
  • Young kids benefit most from having their parties in the daylight hours, 10am – 6pm. 

For a Corn Maze Party for big kids through age 129:

  • Corn Maze ( open until 10pm; allow a good hour); Bounce House (open until 6pm), Courtyard Games (open until 10pm) and Photo Ops
  • Schedule a campfire for a 2-hour (or more) time slot (apple crate seating; bring camping chairs if preferred)
  • Wagon rides optional – last ride goes out at 5:30

Optional add ons:

  • S’more Kit – feeds about 20 people and includes everything you need for s’mores – $20
  • Apple/Pumpkin Picking – see picking schedule under main web site
  • Wagon Ride – $3 per person; the wagon takes you through the orchard to pick a delicious apple (ages 3 and under free);
  • Custom party assistant – a terrific helper helps everything go smoothly, brings extra games at your site, helps with set up/tear down – $100
  • Tablecloth – $3

Questions? Call or text Amy, Director of Laughs & Smiles at 740-404-9967.



Seeking a challenging fun way for your group to spend time together? A team-building outing? Your group can become become corn maze conquerors by completing all the challenges hidden throughout the The LYNDIANA JONES MAZE. Some groups come for a casual outing with a wagon ride, campfire and a sunny stroll through the maze. Other groups challenge each other to a race to see who will be the first team to hit all the landmarks within and beat the other teams out. (Some even come in costume!)

Timed ticketing, miles of path and lots of UV light marks your way safely through The LYNDIANA JONES MAZE. Look for the Group Rate option on the Ticket Portal.

GROUP DISCOUNT –Groups of 20 or more receive $1 off the normal Corn Maze wristband price, making it $11 per person. Children under age 2 get in free. The wagon ride is $3 per ticket (age 3 and under free) or $150 per hour. On the wagon ride, each passenger gets to pick a juicy apple. Approximately 20 people can sit around a campfire ring (seated in clusters), priced at $65 for 2 hours. A s’more kit – $18 – feeds about 20 and includes marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and cooking sticks.

STUDENT GROUPS – Children and students who are normally very well behaved can sometimes become extra excited when they go to Lynd Corn Maze with their friends. We ask that an adult chaperone walk through the maze with each group (about 4-6 students) to help ensure that rules are followed, and to promote the safety and overall joy of all in attendance. One chaperon wristband is provided free for every five students. Please read the rules below to your young ‘uns.

CORPORATE FAMILY OUTINGS – If a corporate group is enjoying an outing with family members included, we have a complete offering of kids’ activities including the Barrel Train, Mini Maze and more!

For additional questions about planning your Group Event – Email CornMaze1@live.com or call Amy, Director of Laughs & Smiles at 740-404-9967. Inquiries are answered Tuesday – Thursday.

Tips for group leaders:

Wearing the right attire is important. Good walking shoes appropriate for dewy dirt paths are a must. Students sometimes forget to wear warm clothing, so a reminder can be helpful. If your budget is tight, you may want to bring bottled water as there is NO water fountain on site. Beverages are available for purchase.

Over the years group organizers have creatively amped up the fun by equipping teams to make their own team t-shirts prior to Maze Day, bringing colored bandannas for each team to wear, bringing beads and prizes for members of the winning team, or giving Lynd Farm Market gift cards to employees so they can take home juicy apples and delicious treats to share with their families.

Food – Delicious food is available on site (think hot cider, hamburgers, fries and kettle corn) or you are welcome to bring your own (no alcohol). Corporate groups can have catered meals prepared especially for their group by contacting Vanessa at Buckeye Concessions at Vanessa@BuckeyeChocolate.com or 440-273-8180. Buckeye Concessions offers hot cider, kettle corn, hamburgers, grilled chicken, vegan, fries, hot dogs and more. 

Need to plan a group event for 40 or more people on a Monday – Thursday? Send an email to Cornmaze1@live.com or call 740-404-9967. Be sure to include: desired date, back up rain date, number of people 13 through adult, number of children age 4-12 (an estimate is fine), and the activities you would like to do. Email inquiries are answered Tuesday through Thursday.

Important – Please provide these rules to your participants prior to your visit to ensure a great experience.


  • No running in the maze.
  • No foul language, unless you’re discussing the birds flying overhead.
  • Do not pick the corn or pick up an ear on the ground. Do not throw corn. We harvest it for cows.
  • Stay on the path roped with twine. Do not go under the rope or cut through the corn.

Questions? Contact Amy at cornmaze1@live.com.

The biggest Ooops made by groups? Not allowing enough wiggle room in your schedule. Your timeliness helps, so thank you in advance! The address of the Maze is 9851 Morse Road, Pataskala, a different address than the Farm Market driveway. Sharing this address ahead of time will avoid corn-fusion and help people to arrive in enough time to get some hot cider and kettle corn!



Friends and family gather around a blazing campfire on a sunset autumn evening. Apple crates provided for seating up to 20 people. More than 20? Rent another fire and we can make the ring surround both. By reservation only. 

Two hours……….$65

Every hour after….$20

S’mores kits are very reasonably priced and include everything you need – marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and roasting sticks for $18. Reserve ahead, feeds 20+ people.

C O R N   M A Z E   E V E N T S



Sept 9 – Melodious Dulcimer Melodies by Kim 1-3

Sept 10 – Mary Miller Americana Vocals 1-3

Sept 19 – EXTRAORDINARY (sensitivity) DAY 4-7 

Sept 16 – Mike & Mary with Classic Favorites 1 – 3

Sept 21 – EXTRAORDINARY (sensitivity) DAY 9:30 – 1:30

Sept 23 – Melodious Dulcimer Melodies by Kim 1 – 3

September 24 – Lewis Pride Band 1 – 3

Sept 24 Petting Zoo 2 – 4


Sept 30 – Heartsongs 1 – 3

O C T O B E R 

October 1 – Chaz & Nicki classics 1 – 3

October 7 Granville “Steel Home” Steel Drum Band  1-3

Oct 8 Whiskey Business 1 – 3

Oct 8 Petting Zoo 2 – 4

Oct 12 EXTRAORDINARY (sensitivity) DAY 4-7

Oct 14 Barefoot McCoy 1 – 3

Oct 15 Petting Zoo 2 – 4

Oct 17 EXTRAORDINARY (sensitivity) DAY 9:30-1:30

Oct 21 Heartsong 12 – 2

Oct 21 Mike & Mary 2 – 4

Oct 22 Whiskey Business 1 – 3

Oct 22 Petting Zoo 2 – 4

Oct 29 Petting Zoo 2 – 4



Corn Maze Q and A


How do I go through a corn maze?

The TOGA MAZE is uniquely designed with color coded paths which coordinate with the maze map given to you. Hidden within the maze are fascinating & fun ancient Greek placards . See if you can find them all!

How long will it take to go through THE Maze?

Anyone can enjoy the corn maze for a long or a short time. Some guests like to find every placard and may stay in the maze an hour or more. Others may enjoy a fall stroll and come out in 30 minutes. For those who do NOT want to get lost, there is a Survivor Line Path you may follow from the entrance to the exit.

What if I get lost?

Getting lost for a few minutes is likely, but we have a few safeguards to prevent you from getting really lost. First, the map is really accurate, and helpful in navigating your way from section to section in order to find all of the challenge boards and get from entrance to exit. Also, the Survivor Line Path is for guests who simply do not wish to get lost. On the Survivor Line, you will not find all of the placards, but you will get to walk through the maze without worry. Our Corn Maze Crew is constantly roaming the maze, ready to assist as well.

is the maze just for kids?

No. By day, maze guests are typically groups of friends, families, grandmas, grandpas, parents and kids. In the evening our guests are often older teens through adults. The Big MAZE is great for people who are ready for a challenge and can walk for a while. The Mini Maze is best for young kids.

Can I bring my dog to the maze?

No place happier in the world than a farm with a dog. Your well-behaved pooch is welcome, providing that you bring clean up supplies. Most farms have eliminated the opportunity to bring a furry friend. If we all are careful to have good canine manners, we will continue to be the corn maze that says “yes!” Animals are not allowed in the farm market.

What attractions close at dusk?

Our wagon ride, bounce houses, and barrel train cannot safely run after dark. We can keep them open until about 6 p.m.

What is the size limit on the Barrel Train?
Kids 80 pounds and less can ride the barrel train.