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2022 ESTIMATED Apple Schedule 


 (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. while they last)

U-PICK APPLES WILL BE OPEN WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY AS LONG AS THE SUPPLY OF A GIVEN VARIETY LASTS.  NOTE THAT A FEW VARIETIES ARE TO OPEN ON DAYS OTHER THAN WEDNESDAY.  OPENING U-PICK IS CLOSED MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS.  (THE MARKET; HOWEVER, IS OPEN DAILY)   NOTE:  The orchard is open as scheduled as long as orchard conditions allow for heavy traffic.  Significant rains, lightning or recent heavy rains causing extremely wet orchard ground (even when not raining) all warrant closing the orchard.  if a scheduled day follows a day of rain, check the ticker for the most recent updates as this estimated schedule does not reflect weather related closures.  For Up to date information call the HOTLine at 740-927-1333.

Watch the homepage ticker, as it will reflect what variety is being picked daily.    Price:  ALL apples are $25/peck, $35/half bu.         Note:  MINIMUM PURCHASE per vehicle is 1 peck bag.

** ACCLIMATE these apples for about 7 days by keeping them at room temperature prior to refrigerating.