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2021 ESTIMATED Apple Schedule 


 (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. while they last)

U-PICK APPLES WILL BE OPEN WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY AS LONG AS THE SUPPLY OF A GIVEN VARIETY LASTS.  U-PICK IS CLOSED MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS.  (THE MARKET; HOWEVER, IS OPEN DAILY)    Watch the homepage ticker, as it will reflect what variety is being picked daily.    Price:  Premium apples (Honeycrisp & Evercrisp) $25/peck, $35/half bu.  All other apples:  $20/peck, $30/ half bu.             Note:  MINIMUM PURCHASE per vehicle is 1 peck bag.

** ACCLIMATE these apples for about 72 hours by keeping them at room temperature prior to refrigerating.