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Apple Pie

By Gloria Middaugh. Like family since 2015. Market Associate

 2 ¼ cups sifted flour
 1 tsp salt
 1 tbsp sugar
 ¾ cup vegetable shortening
 1 egg yolk
 1 tbsp lemon juice
 ¼ cup milk
 68 cooking apples (Lynd's Jonathan is a favorite)
 1 cup sugar
 3 tbsp flour
 1 tbsp butter

Sift flour with salt and sugar. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles fine crumbs. Beat together egg yolk and lemon juice. Blend in milk. Add to dry ingredients tossing with fork into soft ball. Divide into 2 balls. Roll on lightly floured surface into 1/8 inch thickness. Use for top and bottom crusts.


Core and pare apples. Mix apples, flour, sugar, spices into large bowl. Spoon into crust. Dot with butter. Bake 350 degrees, 45 minutes.