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Smoked Sausage & Shrimp with Veggies by Stacey Higgins

 1 package smoked sausage cut into chunks
 1 bag of frozen salad shrimp - thawed
 1 small onion diced
 1 green pepper - cut into chunks or strips
 1 red pepper - cut into chunks or strips
 12 garlic cloves - minced
 mushrooms - sliced
 12 tbsp olive oil
 ½ cup Chicken Broth
 salt & pepper to taste
2 Tb. Creole Seasoning
 1 tbsp Paprika
 1 tbsp Salt
 1 tbsp Garlic Powder
 ½ tbsp Black Pepper
 ½ tbsp Onion Powder
 ½ tbsp Cayenne Pepper
 ½ tbsp Dried Oregano
 ½ tbsp Dried Thyme

Heat olive oil in pan. Add onions, mushrooms, peppers, garlic, salt & pepper to taste. Sauté about 5 minutes.

Add chicken broth, sausage, shrimp and creole seasoning.

Cook until veggies are soft and meat is heated through.