Welcome to Lynd Fruit Farm's Market!  We're excited to offer you the freshest produce available.  We have both HOMEGROWN and LOCALLY grown fruits and vegetables .  The market opens Thursday, July 18, 2013 (9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.)  at the corner of Morse Rd. and St. Rt. 310.  While our family is known mostly for our apples, we also grow peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, berries, sweetcorn and pumpkins.  You will find  a wide variety of seasonal vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, beans, squash, onions, cucumbers just to name a few.  While much of the produce is grown on our farm, some is brought in from local farmers, many of whom are Amish.  Did you know the #1 reason to buy locally grown produce is BETTER FLAVOR?  

HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE IS BACK FOR 2013!   Sugarfree Golden Delicious, Suncrisp (including sugarfree Suncrisp) and Autumncrisp applesauce are among the varieties of applesauce you can buy this summer! 


     We have a large display of jams, ciders, variety applesauces, salsas and butters (apple, peach, and pumpkin) which carry the LYND name right on the label.   Get a deal on any twelve of these items mix and match and save $ .50 each....that's a savings of $6!  Many items are also offered without granulated sugar added. 

NEW FOR 2013!

Lynd's dehydrated Goldrush and Cinnamon Maple Glazed Goldrush apples will be available on opening day while they last!  They were a huge hit during the winter warehouse sale and sold out quickly.  A handful were set back to dry for the market.   We will dry other varieties as they come in season including honeycrisp! 

We are proud to continue finding quality, locally made and grown OHIO products.  New finds this year will include Pappy's Tea, Applewood Smoked Chub Rub, hormone free black angus beef, a line of Taste Weavers' dips & condiments, & The Gourmet Farm Girl Cookbook!    Support our veterans and try Brother Vets line of trail mixes, dips, bean mixes, and cookie mixes.  The Korner Shoppe (Amish) Blueberry Almond & Apple Cinnamon granola will be added to our existing granola line. 

You'll also find a PEANUT GRINDER MILL right in the market!  Be sure to try the most natural,  fresh way possible to have delicious peanut butter. 

Joining the always popular peach cider slushies will be BLACKBERRY CIDER SLUSH


     Our family has teamed up with several Amish families in nearby counties to bring you what we consider to be some of the finest, freshest foods in the area.  Many of our customers travel to the farm in hopes their favorite fry pie is still available.  The   Bakery Barn, owned by the Mast family delivers their baked goods on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  Though fry pies are the #1 seller in the bakery, pumpkin rolls, cream filled coffee cakes, whoopie pies, cookies, pies, pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls and fudge are also popular. 

     Our Garden Harvest line of salsas, beets, corn relish and chow chow are made with the freshest ingredients and are all natural with the exception of the lemon juice used in a few of the salsas. The Black Bean Salsa is the most popular Garden Harvest product!

    The Homeplace specialize in a delicious line of all natural, fresh made GRANOLA!  Triple Treat is a Lynd favorite as it has cranberries, walnuts and white chocolate!  Yummy!  More traditional granola like Tried and True or Naturally Sweet are also delicious! Whether you like granola as a snack throughout the day, a breakfast treat, or as a topping on yogurt, we think you'll agree....The Homeplace's  granola is really something special!

     Mrs. Hershberger's Pickles are sure to tickle the tastebuds of cuccumber lovers! 


     Dairy products you will find at Lynd Fruit Farm include Hartlzer roll butter.  We've tried other, cheaper butter, but came back to Hartzler; it really is the best butter around!  New in 2012 we introduced Baker's Golden Dairy's fresh milk to our customers.  Chocolate milk lovers were delighted when they tasted Baker's chocolate milk.  Their dairy is located in New Waterford, Ohio where they milk hormone free holstein cows, pasteurize and bottle their own milk and send it directly to us!  It's the way milk used to be, where the cream rises to the top!

     Old fashioned milk caramels made by 3 KIDS KITCHEN were new for our market in 2012 and boy were they a hit!  These delicious, soft caramels come in both regular and salted.  This local company was featured in the September 2012 issue of Edible Columbus as well as on ABC6/FOX28. 

     Enjoy the benefits of locally harvested honey by HARV'S BEES fresh honey  from Pataskala and Utica.  Along with the larger bottles, this  100% natural cough suppressant and energy booster makes a great travel companion to drop in your gym bag or purse.  Just squeeze a few drops into you water bottle and you're ready for a workout!  You will also find honey recipes and beauty secrets using honey on our website.   

     BONHOMIE ACRES Pure Ohio Maple Syrup comes from Fredericktown.  The 4th generation of Browns recently took 1st Place with this delicious dark amber maple syrup at the 2011 International Maple Syrup Association contest.  You don't have to visit Vermont to get the best maple syrup...just Lynds!

     Lynd's JUMBO POPCORN is grown in Knox County by the Clutter family.  It's the best popcorn we could find and is used in the kettle corn made here on the farm in the fall.  It has become one of our top selling items!

     BUCKEYE BRITTLE is made by our friend, Nancy, of Pataskala.  Using only the freshest peanuts, real butter and 100% natural simple ingredients her peanut and cashew brittle has a light honeycomb texture.  Even if you have false teeth, you'll find this brittle delightful!

     Our cousin, Aimee is famous for Aimee's Blue Ribbon Spices.  Need to spice up your life?  Her spices, rubs and mixes offer an MSG free, no gluten, natural way to create homemade meals...easily! 

    Whit's up?  WHIT'S Frozen Custard! It will be available in multiple flavors.  Our family often finds itself swinging by Whit's in Pataskala to check out Sandy 's flavor of the week.  She will be making, especially for us, her own special PEACH frozen custard!  Later in the fall she'll make Grandma's Apple Pie frozen custard with the Bakery Barn's pies made with LYND'S jonathan apples.  Be sure to stop by and see what flavors are in our freezer!